I had my carriage suite in McKenzie Towne built by Planit back in 2010 and never had a single issue, so when it came to building another carriage suite again in Auburn Bay, it was a no brainer to get Planit to build it. This project was bigger and better, and dealing with Construction Manager Steve and Site Supervisor John who I call my dream team was phenomenal. Responsive, responsible, reliable, high quality work and at a reasonable price. I told them what we want to get done, they got it done and I did not once have to go on site to "check" their work or worry about anything. They kept me in the loop with regular updates. I have never written any reviews on line before but this one is well deserved. I am unbiased and don't get any kickbacks from this, just a really happy customer and would call them again for same projects in the future.

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