Sorry for the length but worth the read if considering hiring: Blueline Moving & Storages wants us, the client, to pay for their negligence!! $250 deductible before sending an adjuster to view damages. Move date: Friday, August 26, 2016 Arrived as scheduled: 9am 3 team members (not the team we requested that moved us in 2015) When we booked we requested the same team that moved us in 2015; Bryant advised the team was still with Blueline indicating that team would be sent. It was the first time the team sent worked together. Team loaded slower than expected due to numerous “smoke” breaks, no time allowance was credited for wasted time Loaded, ready to leave. Vehicle does not start; driver said “same as yesterday” Driver asks us if we have boosters then calls Bryant. Bryant arrives with a boosting unit at 1:44p. Blueline does credit this time Arrive Newmarket Load in the vehicle has shifted; driver says “I’m not really good at loading” Many items are damaged in the vehicle due to insufficient moving supplies ie blankets. A floor lamp totally destroyed, team member states “we should have wrapped it” Unloading begins Blueline has 2 floor runners, we have brand new hardwood floors. I call Bryant asking he brings more floor runners. He asks to speak to the driver and tells him to do the best they can with what they have. I call Bryant again but he doesn’t answer, I leave a voice mail, no call back. Called Blueline and left a message regarding damages asking how to proceed with claim. They email their claim form on August 28/16. Sep 02/16: We complete and submit including photos. Now the delays begin, no call backs, no emails and we have been playing this game to date. They finally respond stating as per their protocol we MUST pay the deductible of $250.00 PRIOR to them sending out an inspector. We were not made aware of this until AFTER the damages occurred. We signed no documents until after the move. It does state on the bill of lading that we signed after the move, noting damages on that form Deductible: $250. We assumed it was a normal deductible, removed from the settlement not to be paid in advance. Nowhere does it state this must be paid prior to them beginning their claim process. In summary this is THE WORST MOVE EVER. Blueline will not entertain our claim until WE PAY THEM $250 for the negligence. Sorry for repeating this so often but it so out there to expect clients to pay them for damaging our property. We are still attempting to settle with no communication from Blueline.

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