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This was our 2nd new home purchase. We purchased an "inventory" home from Christina Homes so I can't comment on delays on construction since the home was already built. Build quality was very good. Many things are builder grade which is too be expected but many things were up and above builders grade. Our first home by a different builder used the cheapest junk and contractors they could find and this was really evident when we bought that new home. The review of the other building can be found by checking my profile. Our PDI was performed 2 weeks before closing and we struggled to find any deficiencies. The 8 we found were so minor and ALL of them were fixed before closing. One small issue which results in loosing a star over was due to some damage to a rain trough when they were erecting up the scaffolding in place to brick up the new neighbors house. I understand things happen but communication or lack of it getting a hold of the builder was a bit of challenge but this was resolved and shouldn't be a deterring factor in purchasing their homes. UPDATE: Aug 11/16 A new service contact was put in place and any contact with the builder to fix any small deficiencies was corrected in very timely matter. Working with the last remaining site supervisor and service person on the site to this day has gone well. I would go out of my way to purchase another Christina Homes over some other builders. All in all watching some of the other houses being built you can see there good work being performed by the trades and not all builders are on not on a equal playing field. Christina Homes does a good job so feel comfortable pulling the trigger on their homes.

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We recently moved out of our Sundial home that we purchased new many years ago. (The Mosaics in Aurora) The build quality was terrible and I can compare that to our next new home we purchased that was a night day difference. We noticed a water leaking and stains in the kitchen as the home was being built. We were assured that it would be corrected by move in. Two years later we were still fighting to have this fixed always praying that the current rain fall wouldn't leak. Sundial came armed with caulking guns each time to attempt to fix torrential rain fail...leaking again drywall down and troubleshooting all over again. The house is just a distant bad memory now and the building materials they use are rock bottom cheap from hardware used on doors closest slider cheap doors opposed to actual wood doors I could go on for ever. Stay clear there are plenty of better builders out there.

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