I needed someone to paint some rooms and patch a few holes.I found Noel on Google, he quoted me for 3 days worth of labour, $640-960 before tax, $1262 after tax at most. - Noel would take his sweet time doing the most menial tasks. - He asked us for a list of things that needed to be done and then didnt look at the list once- thus he ended up missing a few things- walls, base boards. - Everything he missed, he'd act as if it were an add on to the list of things to do- perhaps part of his ploy to take longer and charge more money. - He patched a few holes on the walls without painting over them, thus leaving the work for me to do later. - He attempted to refit our washer and dryer into the laundry room, and ended up breaking the sliding doors, totalling $500 to replace. - It took him 5 days to do 3 days worth of work, and then tried to charge me $1700- over $400 more than we agreed, for unfinished work that I then had to go back and do myself. Once I refused t o pay him the new amount, things went from bad to just plain creepy. He went into my house, took a picture with his phone of a family potrait of me, my wife and my son, and emailed the picture to me, telling me that I was setting a bad example, I was being shameful, etc. Who sneaks into peoples homes and takes pictures of them? Noel Taylor is a very strange man with a horrible work ethic. If you like people ripping you off and taking pictures of you when you're not around, then Noel Taylor's the handyman for you. If anyone would like a copy of the correspondence between him and my wife and I, feel free to shoot me an email at

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Reading this review only confirms there's one in every crowd.
Find it strange that It took you 3 months to make a review (if you call it that) and feel so desperate to discredit my services as an honest business man trying to support my family.....again shameful. In conclusion, my work speaks for it's self, just read ahead and see the majority of happy customers. I would also like to add that Jeff's (whom was never there, only his wife and mother) review was grossly exaggerated and falsely retold only due to the fact that I confronted them of their dishonest actions in trying to get more work for what I quoted for.