I signed the contract with this company in October 2014 with many promises and hopes that the house will be done in 8 to 12 months. And yet, now is November 2015, the house is half done. And they are still promising with their humor "the build is in progress, should be done soon, everything is on track....etc". If you are looking to build a house with this company and the time is matter to you. I suggest that you should take my experience into consideration. Also, I can't say about the build quality yet, but i am sure it won't be any better than what I have been through so far,I have no idea what they done or what going to do with anything in the house yet. At this point, I don't really want to find out. Because you know what, once you paid and sign the contract. Nothing, absolutely nothing you can do to them if anything is not up to your desire level. So please, many other builder around, shop with your head clear, there are a lot better company than this one. Also, one thing that make me laugh so hard, right after you sign the contract. You will receive a survey which they want you to tell them how was your experience from the start of the contract to the end procession. Guess what genius, how do I know how is that experience if I haven't gotten my house yet. The survey is expired in 3 months if you are not complete it. Economy is down this year (2015), no one is buying house and yet, they still take their time to build it ( no, I didn't mean that using their time to get thing right, more like leaving the house idle for weeks before anything trade start working on there tasks). For example, we all know that concrete is required good weather to cast them. And yet, they just have to wait for all the good weather went pass and cast the concrete at the worst time possible of the year. So yes, please, if you need to buy a house in Manning Village, there are many contractor builders you can go with beside this company. I chose the wrong one so you don't have too.

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