After being very clear that I wanted a membrane on the entire front wall of my foundation, they gave a quote that turned out to be for only a 6 ft section. The reduced length was hinted at by vague language in the quote. I wasn't home for the first half of the job and by the time I arrived it was too late. My mistake for not reading every word, but it didn't occur to me since it was completely obvious in our discussion that the membrane was supposed to cover the full length of the wall. Why would anyone go through all that trouble and expense to cover only a 6 ft section? What would be the point? They also badly damaged the interior wall when they knocked out bolts that were embedded in the foundation. I wanted the bolts removed, and assumed they would properly repair the holes, as agreed, but they only patched the outside with a thin layer of cement. I asked for a quote to do the job that I originally wanted and it was double the first quote - for almost the same amount of work! Gee, thanks for the obvious attempt to gouge me, but I'll pass. I'll use the money to repair the damage they did on the first job.

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Company Response

On the 22 of November 2017 an estimate of services was provided to Mr. Carswell by email. In this estimate it was clearly stated that a 6' dig (excavation) would be preformed at the front entrance area.

Prior to signature he had ample opportunity to get other quotes from other suppliers of services. Mr. Carswell approved the estimate that was sent, and a contract was issued and signed by Mr. Carswell on the 8th of December 2017. The contract clearly defined a 6' dig.

The bolts in question were removed and repaired.

We are of the opinion that we have never mislead the client as to the size of the dig since it was very clearly defined in the estimate and the contract.

The client is aware that we issue a ten year transferable warranty on the work performed.
Mr Foundation has been in business for 26 years and we pride ourselves on quality of service.