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This installation has been a fiasco from the onset. I bought 3 sony TV's and a Marantz receiver and the all the necessary parts to install a a 52 inch Sony TV wirelessly into my den. That was two and a half years ago and it still doesn't work. In othe words we do not receive a TV picture 90% of the time. We have had them to the house to service the problem at least a dozen times over that time period and until now it remains unfixed. They blame Rogers etc for the problem. This is the worst experience I have had with retalers/installers.They have been rude, and have taken the receiver from my house for 8 weeks at a time only to return it unrepaired. They have yet to aplogize and in fact resent their own mistake. It is high time that action is taken towards this incompetent company and their owners.

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Finer Edge is a fabulous company that paints interior and exterior homes. They are competent, reliable, and honest. What more could you ask for! They will even go the extra mile to help out with time constraints etc. They are fastidious about workmanship, and never leave a mess. They are the best painters I've used to date.

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