We had a restoration to our existing patio. The superstructure consisting of all-wood lattice, crossbeams and tall pillars was showing signs of rot. The bases of the pillars had become the home of ants many crossbeams had been visited by woodpeckers and were in bad shape. We were eager to have as much material as possible reused, and the company, though doubtful, took the structure apart, piece by piece and saved as much of the original wood as possible. All of this material was repainted and restained where necessary along with the preparation of new wood. There was a creative idea to avoid future rot and ant infestation and though there were small changes made to the pillars to accomodate the preservation, the overall appearance (which we liked) was not changed. Except for rain delays and the necessity to work sometimes on the weekends, our project was completed fairly well within the promised time. We continue to enjoy our "new" outdoor superstructure.

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We were able to arrange a roofing job in a very short time. In late 2006, just before winter, we discovered a large leak, but delayed repairs until early summer. The company sent their representative to see the needed repair, and recommended a new roof. Greg's digital photos allowed us to completely agree with the recommendation. We made our decision quite quickly and were able to have the work done inside a week. It was necessary for repair work to the wooden frame and some adjustment made to air ducts, as well as repair to the eavestroughing. This work was done on two of the hottest days of the summer. The cleanup went quickly with care to replace everything as found. We are completely happy with the job and highly recommend Peter and Greg Walker.

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