I really enjoy deal with Jamil, the Sales, and Nancy, the Manager, of Cambridge heating and cooling @scharborough. They not only gave me lowest price they can possible offer, but also best service I have ever seen. I am kind of guy who want the latest and greatest things @best price ans service. I also the person will ask many detail technical questions before and after purchase. After "interview" three different dealers, I choose Cambridge. The result is good. The system I have purchased is Lennox iComfort. I choose this because no other company can offer me this kind technology I want. It is very flexible computerized RSbus based system which can control heat and cooling, humidity and de-humidity with out user intervention . It is a little bit complex for most people. However, once setup by professional, you will most likely never have to touch it.

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Thank you very much for this outstanding review. We always have our customers best interest in mind.
Thanks again