I went to several shops looking for a specific type of fireplace, a 2-sided, zero clearance, linear model, because I didn't want it to look like every other standard builder grade fireplace with fake logs in it. They had what I wanted. Jody was also extremely helpful. He taught me so much, and wasn't bothered by my endless questions (amazing, because I ask a lot). He taught me the difference between a high quality fireplace and a cheap one, and I'm sure glad we listened. Although this was a big purchase, I feel good about the money we spent, because it looks amazing, and I was able to consult with Jody throughout the entire install process and ask questions, and he wanted to help me. He is so passionate about fireplaces! -Jerry Follow-up. When the city came for the final inspection we learned that the gas line was not to code. No big deal-I would just call them up and have them finish the job. I was confident it wouldn't be a big deal. I've probably called 6 times and left voicemails and even spoken with reception. No call back and the job is still not yet done.

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I needed a ceiling fan and didn't want to buy a junker, so I went to this place. All the y do is lighting. I spent about $400, but it was worth it, because it's a beautiful fan, and my wife is happy. I was slightly disappointed/surprised that it was actually charcoal, because the display model and box showed brown, but it works in teh room, so I'm not losing that much sleep over it. I even shot a video of the high-end room. Amazing stuff! -Jerry @ZoomJer

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