Chief Wood Finishing did an awesome job transforming our traditional cherry kitchen into a modern/transitional space. We love it! From the quotation out, Vince was awesome in explaining the options, costs and process. He said our wood was in good enough condition for refinish, but warned us in advance that solid wood would expand/contract and would be more prone over time see cracks in refinished wood ... best longer term option would be to reface all to avoid this - he quoted both options. We were not ready to reface it all but we went in knowing the options and ultimately decided with the refinishing existing. We did get a few other quotes for refinishing our cabinets but they did not get our pick; We picked Chief wood as they are not only specialists in painting/refinishing but also staff in-house wood/cabinetry resources. They also Any issues arise, we felt this team was best fit to address it - and we were 100% right! They rebuilt our drawer boxes at a great price and installed bottom mount slow closing rails giving better action and durability (retro-fit is more difficult align, less durable over time). We are happy with their suggestion and how they turned out. They were also able to swap out a few gables that were damaged and replace a drawer front and match to existing with ease. The were very reasonable in price for additional scope! The team was efficient - Big thank you to Max, Karl, Michel, as well the taping / prep crew. They worked really hard and were respectful. They did get a bit busy with another job at the end and were a bit scarce at that time but most of the work was done...In that case, Vince took personal time out of his evenings showing up/working to ensure we were 110% happy with the end result. Throughout the project, communication was great, texting and getting feedback directly while I was at work - awesome. We feel safe that if we are to have any quality issues Chief will stand by their work. And if we ever see any of the natural cracking occurring due to the solid wood / lacquer - we will not hesitate to have Chief fabricate and paint a new drawer face or door for us! Based off of our experience we would highly recommend this company. Thanks so much guys!

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Thank you for taking the time to write this review!

You feedback is so important and helps us improve in areas of need.

Thank you for your business, we appreciate it very much!


Update: Originally gave Hatton's a 10/10 (left review intact to show this) but have since reduced it to 7/10 due to an issue that is happening just 5 weeks after completion. There are still positives and they did give/take on some items, but feel I need to ensure others are made aware. Bottom line, disappointing how our 'like new' stained hardwood is showing signs of issue/wear in 5 weeks. To summarize the issue: There was an high traffic/visible area that Hatton's opted to fix (sand/filler) instead of replace (this was an area of concern as other estimators I had said it likely needs new wood - I trusted their expertise on which areas should be replaced/repaired). I called Cal - to notify him that the filler was coming out and I could feel a ledge/filler popping up between wood - and to his credit he was honest and said they did not notice that in that area that the original install was not done well UNTIL they started the repair (more prone to shifting/more impacted by wood expanding/contracting). As of now, I have expressed to him that I am very disappointed he or his crew did not call me to notify me of this issue (at the time of repair) and give me the option to replace (even if it resulted in more cost). The other areas they replaced that were damaged beyond repair are holding up well, I wish they had contacted me about this area instead of proceeding to fix instead of deciding for me. Cal has offered 'out of customer service' to come do a re-fill and stain if/when it gets worse and I plan take him up on it. That is something which I appreciate...However, it seems this problem will keep coming back since that area should have been replaced/installed with new wood before sanding/staining. Proper customer service would be an offer or options to remedy it permanently - but I don't see them offering that or other ideas/options. I have advised him to keep in mind for future to stand by a higher degree of excellence and do the right thing if they see something not installed from the start to mention it.. Right now, not sure if I am as happy as choosing Cal instead of the others originally stated. Hence this is the reason for my reduction from 10 to 7.0. If this keeps getting worse - I need to find some to re-fill over time for a cost, it's not ideal/sustainable.... I will revisit this review again to adjust. Same goes thing goes for positive... if Cal offers a better option...I will let you all know. Curtis Pictures of 5 weeks later - repaired section attached. Everything else was good, really wanted for this to turn out good everywhere! I am a reasonable honest reviewer/customer. *****Original Review ****************** We contacted a few companies to quote us for a main floor Hardwood refinish - sand/re-stain/repair & replace (as required). From the quote onward, we simply felt the most comfortable dealing with Cal. His price was reasonable (in the middle of the pack), but we felt good about our choice, and it worked out great! Cal was good in communication and in cooperating with the company we had refinishing our cabinets. He was very accommodating in the top coat scheduling and it was not only appreciated but us, but the cabinet refinishing company! His crew - they were on time, communicated well and all personable. They were tidy with their equipment at the end of each work day and were respectful of our time. We did encounter one issue, but that was resolved to our satisfaction in a reasonable and quick fashion. Cal takes pride in customer service and it shows, he doesn't like to cut corners and will personally go the extra mile to ensure quality is good and that concerns are dealt with. Overall we are super happy with the floor - feel like new, and new stain looks great! Thanks Cal and team (Mike and crew) Curt

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Hi Curtis,

Thank you for hiring us as I know you had other quotes. The rest of the crew and I enjoyed working with you and your family as well. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to write such a kind review. I will let the rest of the crew know as well.


Cal and team.