Have used this company for may years now every year. Living in the country and an old home it's a must for us! They will come back without question if it should rain after this application of chemicals that are animal friendly. You won't be disappointed ;)

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Just had a reputable electrician come to inspect the work "Halton Hills Electric Contracting Limited" performed in our home in 2011. At this time they installed a pony panel in our swimming pool room as the regular breaker was tripping constantly. When they were done they explained the fact the breaker wasn't tripping when pushing the "test button on the new panel" Apparently that was OK. Since that Time we have blown several pool heaters (one catching on fire). We were just told everything installed by this company was unrequired and not connected properly. Therefor our house almost burnt down! Basically told we were ripped intentionally. This work was approved by an ESA inspector who walked into the house and placed a sticker on the new pony panel and walked out... 5 minutes tops. Didn't look at a thing. Which I hear is normal. I am now going to Post "Project #2" which is the scarier one!

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