Had a blocked outlet pipe in the laundry room which collects water from laundry and kitchen on the 2nd floor. Tried to fix myself using a metal snake and electrical wiring but the blockage was too far back so I knew I needed to hire someone. I also knew the blockage wasn't too far because a sink with only 10 litres of water plugs. I know plumbers can be expensive and expected $200 cost. Called the company and was told it's $59 for someone to come and then they'll give me a list of recommendations with a price tag. After 10 minutes on the job they quoted a $275 fixed price to clear the blockage to which I expressed concern this may only be a 30 minute job. In the end it took just over an hour of time and this is the last time I hire a professional plumber. Back to Craiglist for me to find folks that have experience and will charge by the hour. I have no issue paying $100 for a hour of work but not $300! Do not use these folks!

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