My basement needed to be waterproofed due to moisture in the walls. I was not proactive about getting the problem fixed at first, because I thought it expensive and I thought I would wait a little. That was my mistake because it grew into a bigger problem (about 40 feet of wet basement wall that needed to be waterproofed). The cost to repair it now was more expensive than initially when moisture was just discovered. I contacted several companies and the prices to fix the problem were insane. When I contacted Umbrella Vlad impressed me with his knowledge, honesty and willingness to explain everything to me very thoroughly. Unlike technicians from other companies, he spent a lot of his time answering all my questions and offering the best solution for my situation. I was so impressed that I hired him to do the job. Absolutely amazing from start to finish! Beautiful final results, and thorough clean up when they finished all work and left. Their work is worth every penny. They took care of everything! I am headache free. They offer a warranty on all workmanship, provided me with all papers and before and after pictures for my records. Most important – of the major problem! I would hire them again in a heartbeat!

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