I called them for an estimate, they called me back the same day, and came out for my estimate the next day. They were very knowledgeable, had great ideas, and were very respectful. They are dog friendly which is awesome, and they are animal friendly too, they said they dont harm animals, when they encounter frogs or salamanders or something they are careful not to hurt them and move them to another place in the yard.They overhualed my entire back yard in less than 3 days, for a great price, the estimate was bang on, actually in the end was like 75 dollars cheaper. When I told them how surprised I was at this, they said they work very hard not to underestimate people if anything they just barely over estimate to accommodate for product price changes and delivery fees fluctuation etc. They actually even gave me a 30 dollar refund for unused soil instead of charging me for it. I really liked these two, they were a husband and wife team and they worked really hard. They were clean too! I have had other companies do work for me before, and they had big crews, they littered, left cigarette butts on the ground and tim hortons cups on the street, not Full Circle Landscaping, they were very neat and tidy, and they even swept my driveway and walkway of all leaves, sand, and soil when they were done. They also installed some Yew Trees and came back after 30 days to check on them free of charge. Very happy with their work.The gardens look incredible, and I didnt have to go out and buy a bunch of plant and flowers, They asked for a budget and did it for me. Talk about no hassle. Thanks Full Circle Landscaping!

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