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Helder is reliably fantastic. He worked with our (tight) budget and gave us lots of options for saving money while putting together a really beautiful bathroom. Helder had his work cut out for him - tiny Toronto bathroom, big chimney that needed to be removed and a full reorganization of a gutted bathroom. In less than a month, we had a completed project - right down to the custom designed baseboards. I appreciated Helder's design ideas and his quick working approach. Plus, it's Helder himself doing the work - so you can trust that the quality is there. I'd definitely call Helder again.

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I am happy with the Helpling Service. Firstly, booking is simple and feels very transparent. I booked online, used my credit card and had an appointment confirmed within 24 hours. Easy! As for the cleaning service - I say it was OK. Yes, my house was clean after. Was it cleaner or better detailed than I could have done myself? No. Was it a relief to get some help in when I am exhausted with the baby? Definitely yes. Things I loved: The cleaner was on time, great about asking what my priorities were, and offered some suggestions for natural cleaning approaches. My entire house got a good clean-up in the 3 hour time slot I booked. So simple to book - I love that I don't have to think too much about arranging interviews, dealing with booking agents etc. Just click - and bam! Appointment. 24/7 online bookings is helpful too. I appreciate that Helpling has partnered with talented cleaners who are friendly and welcoming (important when coming into your home). Also, the price can't be beat. Things I didn't love as much: I wish the cleaning partner brought some of her own equipment, as I feel like too much time was spent asking me where everything was or if I had alternative supply options. I felt like some of the more detailed cleaning was missed, such as the baseboards, some items under furniture, and that extra-special touch. I also don't love that I didn't know who was coming to my door until I saw her. I would have preferred to see a photo/profile description and public reviews prior to opening the door. I'd definitely use Helpling again, especially when I could use someone to give me a hand with the every-day house tasks I can't get to because of... life with baby!

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