Dealing with this company was a nightmare from beginning to end. First on the day they came to begin the job they demanded several thousand dollars more than they had originally quoted, telling me that there was more to remove than they originally thought. When they completed the job, it looked nice at first. But our hot water pipes have now burst twice because, according to our contractor, they didn't seal the gaps properly between the stucco and the windows. When I noticed a large gap after the job was completed, they first told me that caulking wasn't included in the contract and was not their responsibility. An inspector told me that sealing the gaps is a crucial part of EIFS (stucco) installation and that it is part of any proper installation job. When I complained and threatened to pursue the issue, the owner's son kindly said he'd have the windows caulked as a "favour." They did seal the blatant gap that I had flagged but my contractor has showed me two other gaps that had caused the pipes to freeze and he let me feel the blast of cold air from inside my house that he said was caused by their installation. I gave them a chance to explain or remedy the problem but they told me they already caulked it and they are now "through" with the job.

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First off Id like to kindly state that Max you did not include any photos, if any of my clients were to see the excellent job I did for you considering the circumstances they'd see you were exaggerating. Max has a 19th century home that had insul brick and old plaster on the exterior, all this built up of material was demolished by us, hence the extra cost associated with it, unfortuantely we cant see beyond the walls of how much material has to be removed, anyone who has dealt with Demo and construction know extra costs are associated when it comes to demolition if supraises come up along the way. with no insulation inside the walls and also windows that are single pane wood windows that leak air. We addressed all issues within the walls and specifically stated on our contract that caulking between your windows and the stucco shall be caulked professionaly by a caulking trade, it was signed and initialed by you.. However you got us to caulk it on our behalf and kindness we did in April 2014. Come February 2015 with temperature outside well below -30 you state your pipes freeze because of the gaps between the windows and stucco. Good luck my friend as you are one hard headed person to deal with. Have your contractor change your windows insulate the walls inside and you will see a major improvement.