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Picked this contractor through referral process. Requested quote after numerous others stipulating specific timeline for work completion as well as specific breakdown of allocated costs. Completion of work took three months longer then the anticipated 3 week time frame quoted as well as final cost was considerably higher based on add-ons and changes that were not fully discussed/disclosed during the Reno process. Overall the end result is a bathroom that looks professionally done, minus a couple electrical issues that needed to be addressed. I would recommend this contractor for the work done as quality workmanship was provided however the only issues that were a concern to me are the timeframe of work completion quoted as opposed to the actual time taken to complete as well as not fully being aware of the costs before they were incurred.

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Horrible experience with this company. Had 1500 square feet of hardwood installed in home and company was disingenuous to us from get go. Assumed was a miscommunication on our part for choice of wood and decided to go ahead. They were overbooked and decided to jam pack a few days worth of work in one and a half. When the work was complete, my husband and I noticed that there were splinters in wood and dents throughout as well as gaps that we could fit a loonie in (literally). The team of workers were very sloppy, ill-trained unprofessional, loud, and left a large mess everywhere including their dirty lunch and snack wrappers everywhere. We complained to the owner Joe R. Who at first tried to appease us as was obvious that his workers were at fault for the obvious damage to flooring. It was clear that there was too much to fix and eventually after a couple attempts at fixing issue, began to get worse as the pieces were glued in after face not stapled. Joe became increasingly rude and vulgar to my husband and basically stated that eventually the floors would be in that state anyways once used and to live with the product. Overall, we ended up settling the price with them, but had to get a middle person involved. If you are thinking of using this retailer, please do so at your own risk.

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