Moving guys worked really hard, and were very nice guys. No surprises at the end in terms of the price, and they came in at the same amount as another company who gave us a quote. However, in the month and a half since we moved (May 17), I keep finding dents and damage to my furniture. Most of it is minor scratches, wear, etc., but some of it is frustrating. My 2 year old king size mattress was ripped open at the bottom seam, and I had to order new hardware for my daughter's crib from the company that manufactured it, because all the screws were stripped in the reassembly. Instead of asking us for the allen key for the crib, movers used what they had on hand and forced it, which stripped every screw. They told me "this is what happens when things are taken apart and put together too many times", but this was only the second time that crib was ever assembled. We ultimately told them to just leave it, and spent several hours after they left trying to remove the stripped screws to make it safe and stable enough for my child to sleep in. I knew things were going poorly when I overheard them whisper-yelling "you're going to break it!" while assembling the furniture. I am afraid of what I'll face if I ever have to take apart any of my other furniture in the future. Ultimately: good moving experience, but wish we had not used them for furniture reassembly.

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Company Response

Hi Natalia, we are so glad that you enjoyed our friendly and affordable service. We sincerely apologize for the frustration you have been feeling. I can assure you our men are well experienced in assembling and disassembling furniture, as we have been doing it for over 7 years now. I can assure you, your furniture is safe and strongly secured. I do hope that if you have any further concerns or need us to help please contact me at any time through phone call or email.


Craig and Four Seasons Comfort are competitively priced, professional, and made the decision as to which company to use easy. We have used Craig for a past house, again for our new house, and will be calling him the next time we move. Installation was fast, efficient, and the technicians were able to offer good advice and tips. Craig was quick to follow up and make sure everything was working properly and we were satisfied. Excellent customer service; highly recommend.

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