Before they started, they gave us a very detailed explanation about roofing. They finished within their estimated time and also cleaned up. When problems arose during the project, they fixed them immediately. They company uses a crews of regular employees so they are famiiar with their products. The owner came at the end to inspect the work.

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Some of the work looked like they were applied by an untrained worker. Several items had to be redone. Even the most basic work like were done sloppily and had to be ripped out. Workers would regularly show up 8 hours late or not at all. Management would only blame their employees for lateness and poor workmanship. They get a 2 and not lower because they did admit that their work was shoddy, late, and threw in some extra work to compensate.

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Company Response

I would invite any client that is dissatisfied with our work to meet with me and the people responsible for the work to do a tour and rectify any and all issues. It is our policy not to leave a sight until it is as perfect as possible and for 25 years we have been doing just that. To date this would be the first time such a problem has occurred. It is normal in any renovation, where we are in a hurry to finish and as the clients need to move in, that mistakes can be made but any mistake can be corrected. Often the client and the renovator need to communicate better thus avoiding any unfixed errors. Regards, Mark Klavir.