I have just experienced the worst customer service of my life after leaving the Hamilton Showroom of Take Us For Granite. I had ordered counters a few weeks ago and made arrangements to have them installed while I was not home (I had someone let them in). I realize this was a mistake as I should have been there just in case. After the installation both the person I had be there and the contractor that was doing the kitchen work for me noticed that after they were drilled the sink and tap holes there was a large crack through the slab. They called that day and were advised to "just crazy glue the crack". After I got home I noticed there was a piece missing that I had originally signed off the quote on that was to fill the 6" x 30"gap between the fridge and the counter, and the piece they put on for the breakfast bar was incorrect (the breakfast bar piece they only covered the top of the wall with a 4" wide piece, doesn't leave a whole lot of room to put anything on except maybe a glass). I went back to Take us for Granite and I realized it was too late to do anything about the piece beside the fridge but I was hoping they would actually get me a proper piece for the breakfast bar, and I also brought up the crack from the sink/tap. The saleswoman said that they would replace the breakfast bar piece to a proper size at no cost to try and make amends. I was very disappointed with the final product I received from them on the counter, but if I could at least get that done properly I would have forgotten about it and moved on. I got a call a couple days later saying the piece was ready for pick up and sent my wife to pick it up. We got it back to our home and were going to have a contractor come install it a day later. The day the contractor was coming I received an invoice from Take Us for Granite for the price of the new breakfast bar piece which I was told was going to be complimentary to make up for the other things. I emailed them back and left a message but didn't hear from them for a couple days. A few days went by and they sent the invoice again. I called them and after leaving quite a few messages spoke to the saleswoman who informed me that she was wrong and I have to pay for this piece. I opted to return it as I had enough of being disappointed by this company. When I went to return the piece I brought up the other issues and the owner Ross started screaming very colourful language at me that sounded like it was from a Quentin Tarantino flick. He even denied that his guys cracked the countertop and said it must have been when we were putting the faucet in (it was noticed immediately after installation). The result was me leaving fuming and him taking the piece of granite back which had already been cut and was probably useless to them. I have never been treated like that in my life and can honestly say I feel embarassed for the other staff more than anything that had to witness his tirade, no one should have to put up with that in any workplace. I am very positive person and when people in the service industry do a great job or even a decent one I always would recommend them, I am hoping that no one ever goes back to Take us for Granite as it was by far the worst encounter I have ever had with customer service period (I have been stranded before for days on delayed flights with bad airlines at terrible airports where we had to sleep on benches, this one experience was worse)

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