Complete satisfaction and professionalism from the initial quote to install. Accurate to the penny quote. Mike from Crystal flow delivered on what he said he would do, also going above and beyond our expectations. He arrived on time with all materials/equipment necessary and stayed on site until the job was done. He even returned to our property to assist with a minor hiccup and no extra charge. This is a person who obviously cares about his workmanship, business and the customer. Competitive and realistic rates. Mike took the time to make recommendations and show us how all the new systems work and need to be maintained. After spending two long days on site completing a well extension/upgrade and new filtration/pump system, our property looks the same as it did prior to the work. Site cleanup was completed without request. We were impressed that not s a single shred of garbage was left behind despite the amount of work and waste created. We plan on using Crystalflow to maintain our water systems and would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for professional, exceptional craftsmanship with courteous, polite customer service.

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Steve of Pillar To Post Home Inspections - Niagara was hired on our behalf by our Realtor to coordinate multiple specialty inspections on a rural property we had purchased including WETT (2 fireplaces), septic and well/water system. We did not receive an invoice/contract until approximately 13hrs prior to the inspection. That contract lacked vital information such as: Who was attending to conduct the inspections? What were their qualifications/certifications? What does the inspection entail? It took multiple attempts the morning of the inspection in order to reach Steve only to learn that the septic and well/water system inspections were sub-contracted out to other companies. Upon arrival at the property, we met with Brian of Pillar to Post who was there to conduct the WETT inspections of the fireplaces and drop off cheques to the sub-contractors (hired by Pillar to Post - Niagara). Although we had arrived 15mins prior to the time of the inspection, we learned from the sellers (and current occupiers of the property) that the septic inspector had already attended, conducted a short 15min inspection and left. Brian attempted to assure us that the inspector was 'very professional' and 'worked for the region for years'. That's all well and good except his scheduling prevented us from asking pertinent questions about the current system that we had. Brian assured us that everything would be in the report that we would receive by the next morning, however, we have yet to receive that septic inspection report. Definitely NOT worth the $400.00 charged by Pillar to Post. Brian conducted a thorough WETT inspection of both fireplaces and did his best to 'control the damage' caused by Steve' poor management of resources and scheduling. Brian took the time to explain what his inspection entailed and what his findings were. Our best experience during this Pillar to Post - Niagara inspection was the local company Murphin's Water Systems, inspection. The technician was experienced, personable, thorough and fully understood that WE were the customers (not pillar to post nor the sellers or their agent). He provided us with valuable information and even took the time after the inspection to speak to us in private and explain what parts should look like, how they should be installed and current costs. However, his report would not be released/shared to us because the invoice listed Pillar to Post as the customer. Therefore, we required their permission to release the report that WE had paid for. Again Steve proved difficult to work with and attempted to brush us off. Lessons Learned: Research, Book, and Schedule your own specialty inspections. You'll save time, your money and undue stress. Steve is a constant let down. He made promises that he didn't keep, assured us reports would be received when they weren't and proved difficult to get ahold of when we required his assistance. Definitely NOT worth the money.

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