My first review on this and for good reason. Of all experiences (good and bad) that I've had with various companies in the past, this company was hands down the worst of all. To give the total story: 1. we agreed upon delivery of a protective glass for a dining room table 2. upon delivery, my wife misunderstood that there was to be no setup of the glass on the table itself 3. the driver WHO IS ALSO ONE OF THE OWNERS of the company, told her that she'd have to come and get the glass OUT OF THE TRUCK. He refused delivery to the door. 4. after my wife said that she would not go on to get the product from the truck herself, he snatched the buttons out of her hand (the buttons were to be placed on the dining table) and stormed off 5. after informing customer service by email of what happened, the response was to tell us: a.) we were not telling the truth of how the conversation went (that the owner/driver did NOT ask my wife to take the goods out of the truck), b.) that it's not possible it happened the way we stated it happened because they've not heard of anything happening like this in 30 years, and c.) to tell us to come and pick up the glass ourselves if we want it now. I cannot even believe this happened. We live in a new home and have accepted a half dozen "at the door only" deliveries. To have a driver (who again is also one of the owners of the company) tell my wife to come and get the product herself out of the truck, then have the customer service agent essentially tell us we were in the wrong...well please come to your own conclusions. Absolutely disgusted.

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