We ordered 2 leather chairs from Zilli Homes early April. They had samples on the floor and we were assured that our chairs would be exactly like these chairs. They were Decorest chairs so there was a 6 week lead time. We paid 50% up front and 50% before they were delivered to our house. This started a 3 ½ month nightmare. They were delivered to our house on May 23rd and we were stunned to see what they sent us….seat cushion stuck out 3 inches and the chairs had big lumps on the back of the chair. We took pictures and went back to Zilli and spoke to our sales rep Guilia and customer service rep Erin. They agreed that these chairs were not up to standard and they picked them up and sent them back to manufacturer. About 2 weeks later they were back at the store and we went to inspect them and we were still not happy. They did not look like the chairs they had on the floor at all. We were then told that they would contact Decorest and see what else could be done. After about a week we received an email saying that after much discussion with Decorest that no more work could be done or it would affect the integrity of the chair. They then asked us to contact them to book a delivery appointment for the chairs to be delivered to us. We were stunned that no one at Zilli had bothered to pick up the phone to talk to us. To say this was the worst customer service we have ever encountered would be an understatement. My husband and were so frustrated at this point that we spent an entire weekend visiting every furniture store in Toronto that sold Decorest chairs and finally found the model 3920 chair we had ordered at one of the stores and it was made correctly. We took pictures and sent them to Zilli on June 23rd. At this time we started dealing with Carole and she finally acknowledged that the chairs they had made for us did not look like the chairs we had ordered. She once again contacted Decorest and the chairs were sent back and fixed and finally redelivered to our home July 16. No one at Zilli has called to follow up with us. We will never shop at Zilli again, and we will tell everyone we know to stay away.

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