I order an utensils set online for 25$. When I received it, I discover that it wasn't a set, it was just 4 pieces so I called to returned it. The rep said I would be refunded if I send it back. I paid another 12$ to send it back to discover that they credited only 16$ saying that they didn't refunded the postage paid initially. I called them again saying having known that from the start, when I called their rep, I would not have returned it since it was making no sense to return it and loses money and not having the set, they just said that they didn't care, it was written in their online policy ! I am still stunt by the worst client service I have ever seen. I think it's bad client service not to tell people in advance that they will not get a full refund prior of them shipping the product back. Now they can sell the product again and the whole experience cost me over 20$ in pure loss. Save your money.

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