2-bedroom condo move in Toronto The move they did for us 2 years ago took about 5 hours. The move they did for us this time took 10 hours. It is the SAME apartment. Smart Movers Canada movers are 2 amateurs, not professionals. They are too slow. They smoke while we pay for that time. They stand around doing nothing. They don't have the equipment. One hand truck and some running shoes. I offered them my hand truck. They refused. They promised: 2 Fast and Professional Movers but they sent us two slow and amateur boys. One loaded the hand truck, the other took it away. Most of the time only ONE person was actually working. That's one big reason it took twice the normal time. They are not moving professionals: they slowed down to get paid more...they didn't tell the truth about how long it would take and then they didn't tell the truth about the next deadline...they refused to meet my elevator booked time, so that I would pay more for storage with them or move it somewhwere else and spend more time and money...they demanded $50 cash at the end as they held our belongings hostage (and they gave no receipt).... If you can't do the job, please don't promise that you can. This is not fair. This is not professional and honest. They prey on people on stressful moving days. There should be more consumer laws covering the moving business.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review. It is understandable your frustration concerning the longer time which was required to move this time, however there were certain factors which led to this situation.
First of all, this time the distance between the locations was much longer than in your previous move (25 kilometers versus 500 meters). The travel time between is charged based on the hour, with no mileage fee and no gas fee.
Secondly, this time you had more stuff to move than before. Our crew had to spent a time to wrap all your furniture making sure that everything is protected during the transportation. Loading the truck in certain order, strapping everything securely and preparing for the safe transportation also took a time. Unloading the truck, place the stuff in a different rooms, disassembling and reassembling also took a good portion of the time of the whole move.
Third of all, this time we faced with long hallways and corridors at the destination, which led to longer time to go back and forth through the hallways.
All these factors reflect longer time that was required to move your stuff.
Our crew assigned to your move is professional and well versed in the moving industry, they also had all necessary equipment and supplies.
We are terribly sorry you felt our services did not meet your expectations however all measures were taken to provide you a professional moving experience.