After viewing website I decided to make the drive to Toronto to view products and get more information on vinyl Bead board kits. Upon arrival I waited 20 minutes in a empty showroom for someone to assist me. I had some basic question how to install and cut the vinyl for installation? I was told to "look on website". That being said looked like I was on my own, after purchasing kits I had to go back to the warehouse to pickup material to find out they only had 1/2 the order and was told the rest would be ready Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Well it's Thursday today thought I would be there for 7:30 am when they opened... Guess what still not ready. Now I'm told later today or tomorrow, not impressed. Elite trim works advertises large warehouse factory pricing etc. I have now wasted a total of 4 hrs drive time and will still have to go back 1 more time to collect the last of the kits.

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