We had contacted Sweet Painters in Sept/Oct 2017 based on positive reviews at this site. They were contracted to repaint our kitchen from brown to white. We agreed to their quoted price and did not hassle as we wanted a quality job and for our otherwise immaculate kitchen, whose color we did not like. During the first visit, Imran did try to convince us to change the cabinet doors, however we did not agree as the condition of the doors was great, if not perfect. The experience has been a bitter disappointment both during contract execution and sub-standard quality of their work as their painted color started peeling off color just two months after they completed the work. When another trusted contractor reviewed the work, I was told that the company did neither strip the old brown paint, nor applied any base coat before painting it white. They just spray painted the white color over the brown. So no wonder the white color keeps peeling off at the slightest touch. Therefore, buyers beware and do not trust the customer reviews as they may probably be from friends and family.

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Company Response

First off, thank you for in depth"review".

We always welcome and appreciate fair critique and feedback for our work. However, it's unfortunate that for reasons unbenounced to us you have decided to share a false review statements.

At no point did we try to convince you of replacing your current wood doors with new MDF doors. Our Core Business is kitchen cabinet refinishing not Refacing. Why we would sell you on the idea of refacing your doors instead of kitchen cabinet refinishing when your cabinets are in good shape, makes no sense. Infact, many of our clients would attest that we have turned down business and requested clients to take a more cost effective options by keeping the wooden doors as opposed to replacing with new MDF doors. Thus we agreed to cabinet refinishing not refacing.

Assuming, there is a defect with the product, it's reasonable to assume one would contact the contractor right away. If there was an issue within 2 months after installation, why were we not contacted? In fact it has been almost 9 months since the installation of your doors. The kitchen would still fall under our one-year warranty. Instead, you reached out to a different contractor and tried to resolve the "issue". Any reasonable person would go back to the company and make an attempt to rectify the situation. But no attempt was made on your end which says a lot about this "review".

In regards to your new contractors comments. We don't deviate from our process when refinishing cabinets for any reason. We conducted all the necessary steps for your cabinet as we do with every other kitchen. If there was no base coat primer applied the paint would not stick at all. It would instantly peel off the cabinetry like butter. The problem would have been noted right away not 2 months after the fact as you have stated. Sorry to say it again but even the technical analysis doesn't make sense.

In closing, it's quite ironic you are questioning the credibility of the homestars process and the reviews posted under our profile. Yet, you have chosen this Forum / website to do the same. The notion that close family and friends have submitted almost 30 plus favorable reviews, pictures is quite laughable. With countless others also not posting on homestars but very happy with the work that we have done. Our reviews speak for themselves.

If you would like to discuss feel free to give me a call at 416-579-7823. We stand behind and take pride in our work and don't shy away from erroneous reviews.


I am sure everyone gets an unsoliciated phone calls for duct cleaning ....and I was just tired of it! Intersetingly, the Duct Cleaning Specialists did not call me, I called them after I reading the theirs reviews at this site. The team that visted my home, lived up to their reputation. My wife was so impressed with their attitude (which is very important) and the equipment used by them that she has already referred them to her group of friends. I do not beleive I need not say anymore.

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Company Response

Hi Pervez, thanks for sharing about your experience with us here on HomeStars. Glad you were happy with our services. Thanks again for your business and if we can be of any help or service in the future, please keep us in mind. All the best, Paul