A great experience all the way with duralock. We are so happy with our patio and fire pit. We had a flagstone pathway installed as well. A few months later we contacted Karla because the stones had settled and some of the stones were uneven. Within 48 hours Danny and a few other guys came out and fixed them right up. To me that speaks volumes when they are eager to make things right ASAP.

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We hired Stoffels to renovate our basement several years ago. Extremely disappointed with the work. Spaces between the ends of the laminate flooring throughout the basement. Stairs that he installed have gaps at the sides and have dust stuck in the stain. Zero prep before painting - Painted over dust, spider webs, ceiling duct covers, door hinges, etc. Covered up an existing plumbing leak in the bathroom that he assured us was resolved. Had to cut through the ceiling a year later to fix when evidence of the leak continued to show itself on the exterior foundation of the house. Improperly installed toilet that slow leaked for a year before we had a plumber in to fix the leak - He asked who installed the toilet cause it was all wrong. Caulking in the bathroom has all peeled away - around the tub and under the shower door. Overall - a bad DIY job is what we got. I asked Adam to come back and fix several things I noticed immediately after the job was done - the fixes were sub par. Realized he didn’t have to skills/desire to make it right so we gave up since it was obvious it wasn’t going to be fixed to our liking. We didn’t do our due diligence and ask for references or to see photos of past work. Beware.

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