As I sit here reading all these reviews on accord roofing I don’t know who it is that’s putting him down like the one that says he came back to do a repair This winter, after the first thaw dated Mar 24, 2009 well I know for a fact he never did that he was in Brazil all winter never came back till march 13th and most of the snow was already gone by then. The one that says you claim it was repaired and gave no evidence of it, no time and date when you came to fix it dated Aug 01, 2008. If the repair wasn’t done would you not notice that it had not been done it just doesn’t sound right to me. Personally I had my own roof done 4 years ago by Ricardo and I live on the shores of Georgian Bay and some times we get some pretty high winds and nothing has even moved. Still looks as good as the day he installed it. He also drove to my cottage on Three mile lake and done the roof there for me last year. I have a lot of trees close to the cottage some were hitting the roof he even cut them back for me at no extra cost. He has always been very professional and does a fantastic job. So why people would write these nasty reviews that don’t even seem to be true is beyond me. In my opinion I would highly recommend Ricardo Pereira of Accord roofing to anyone who wants the job done right.

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