We booked warren and paul to do a job in our own house - their timing was great - paint job awesome...attention to detail even as far as clean up. The colours look amazing and the coverage even better. We have used Warren before and passed his name and number on to many clients - it is great to see a painter take pride in his work...

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We booked our moved on April 5, 2010 we were quote by thiis company for 6.5 hours(also got quotes from 4 others companies all states 6.5 hours) We choose Phillips because their affiliation with a big US company. The sale rep Daniel confirm that our floor on booth location will be protected, and that our pieces of Arts will be packed by staff at their arrival with on loan boxes. I was very prepered all my boxes where at the same spot and nothing was left exceept clothing that I was told by Daniel to pack upon arrival of staff with on loan boxes. About May 5 I received a email from Daniel who states that after thinking he gave us a too low quote and the must be now 8.5 hours. I advised daniel that I will not accepted and I do not understand why that change after we agreed to the contract and give deposit. At that point Daniel became cold and not very reponsive to my questions. The day of the moved everything was ready for 11am, the first thing that Nathan one of the movers said he ;YOU HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!: I advised that everything was located in one big open space that swhy. Nothing was put on the wood floor to protected them, I was asked to sign some waiver in regard to antique pieces that I agreed was already in some not solid states. I tried to be nice to the guys and accomodating as much as I could. I was packing clothes upstair when my husband Stephan cam home and saw a piece of Art of close to $6000 on the sidewalk by hold by a tree with no protection and also a painting stuck between stuf in the truck also without any protection...Stephan got mad and ask me to talk to the movers. To make a long story short, the guys were frustrated and tired they did not protected the floor of the new house, damage walls etc...I understand that furnitures can be tricky and spaces small but that not why we hired professional.... We decided to contact Danile after the move claiming that was not his department and pass on to Brenda who send a claim form. Yesterday after requesting a update I receive a very clod and rude email from the President DonStaddon claiming the following:Mario Howard I have reviewed your move and claim with the crew members who preformed your relocation. They indicate that you were not prepared/ properly packed - that pictures were under stacked boxes - that your assistant brought out pictures and artwork and stacked them on the lawn ignoring my crews warning not to do so. The crew states that they took all possible efforts to protect the artwork. I cannot accept responsibility for the pieces claimed. Don Staddon First of all the guy in question was not an assistant. I was not addressed of any problem by any Mr Staddon staff. They even give money to the guy they found in one of the cabinet and of course he left. The guy in question was there only for me to help and was not instructed by me to work with them. As an consumer I will not accept that kind os rediculous excuse from Mr Staddon. We paid over $2500 for that move plus $300 in boxes. We paid $200 in insurances was where advised ny Sales and I can provided the email that Phillips where very professional and careful. I contacted a good friend of us at CBC who just finish a news inquiry about movers and advised of our issue. She confirmed that it is commun practise from those company to put the blame on consumers. I will suggest Mr Staddon to be a little more polite and professional in is communication with others, he probably don t give a damn anymore because we paid him but believe me I will not let people and company like that walking over me. I advised by email Mr Staddom yesterday and we give him 2 bussines day to evaluate his response gain as we are prepere to go to Small claim and also public with is more that professional practice. Account Number: P2228 work order

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