An $80 service call fee paid in advance is standard across the board for a technician to show up, but this technician walked into my house without a tool box (!) and diagnosed the problem within ten seconds as "the main control board". He said it was common for this brand and machine. Then I was informed that for him to fix it I must sign a work order and pay another $280 in advance plus part cost. I asked him what the part cost and he didn't know, and when I reminded him that he had already stated that this was a "common problem" with this machine and therefore he must surely have fixed it many times and have at least some idea of what the part cost he still refused to even give me a ball park figure. I paid the additional fee because it was either that or I'm out $80 and still have a broken machine. He stated he would call the next day with the part cost. He didn't. He didn't call the next day either, or the next. I finally called on the Friday and the "parts department" at this place told me the cost of the "main control board" was over $700. The entire machine was $660 brand new. Needless to say, no one is going to pay that for this part and they know it. They don't want you to pay for it anyway. They want you to walk away and then they have $360 of your money for doing nothing and you still have a broken machine. I phoned VISA and got my $280 back but they still have the $80. I had another company come and fix the machine. It was a faulty temperature gauge. Total repair with parts, labour and tax was $150. This is not a legitimate repair company.

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Rahaman and his company provided me with high quality services. Although they are not the least cost company I had tender my job Rahaman himself impressed me with how he spoke and what he said about the quality and stylilng of the work that they would provide as compared with the estimate I received from another contractor. I chose to go with him as opposed to the cheaper quote and I was not disappointed. The job was completed on time and with excellent results. I recommend him and his company.

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