I would like to do a shout out to Problem Solved Plumbing. A great plumber who did a fantastic job at a reasonable price. He saved the day when our hotwater system crapped out during this weather. We had a big company come out first but they charged us $200 to tell us they didnt know what was wrong and that we should give them another $1300 to try another option that might fix it. We said no, and called Brody with Problem Solved Plumbing and he knew what was wrong, fixed it and showed us how to prevent the issue in the future. Problem Solved Plumbing Brody Burton 403-970-7675

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I called Action auger because out hot water on demand system was not producing hot water. They advised it would be $69.99 to get the plumber to come to my house. That was fine. When he got to my house he advised me it would be an addition $100 to tell me what was wrong with my hot water system. 3 hours later his diagnoses was that he didn’t know what was wrong, but perhaps a $1300 flush of the system would help. While he was at our house he also unplugged a toilet for an addition $199. As he claimed he fixed the hot water and went on his way. After which we looked at his math on our bill and he added extremely wrong. $69.99 + $100 + $199 = 488.94+ GST So we ran after him to get our money back, which took some convincing. Once we discover that we still did not have hot water we called them back. The manager advised that yes we would need to do the $1300 flush because our system was know for being crapy. We didn’t believe that or have a spare $1300 laying around so we called another plumber. Who was able to fix the problem, and do the flush (just in case for $369 in total) Would not recommend. Also the next day Action Auger showed up unannounced to try and fix the problem again. I was so taken aback that I didn’t bring up my issues at that time but wish I had. I told them I had already gotten it fixed. That made them happy as they already had my money and they left. Also on the innitial visit they were to come between 10-2 but showed up well after 2. Wasting my day.

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