This place is a complete joke. They have given me fake names and addresses,gave me a "head office" number where the person at that number confessed she was at her home and there was no head office. The first scheduled delivery date no one showed or called, these people dont have an answering machine and you have to call a million times all day to get through. The delivery was re scheduled for the following week, the day of delivery 2 hours beforehand they left a voicemail that they wouldnt be coming. One person told me the owner was away for a week, the next person told me he was here and would call me tomorrow, i have been multiple stories so many times in the last 2 hours its unreal. I have no idea when i am getting this delivery nor can they tell me if i can be refunded. i am furious and will make sure everyone i know knows never to go here, also will contact the better business bureau. STAY AWAY!!!!

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