I went with City Home Granite because they were an authorized Caesarstone dealer and they were well priced. I am a very cautious and educated consumer, hence why I may drive retailers a little crazy. But if I am going to spend thousands of dollars, I have to be sure I get what I want and what I paid for. Cathy was patient and helpful through my whole decision period and even after she had my business she continued to quickly answer all my inquiries, even about soap dispensers I was buying elsewhere. She advised against a higher backsplash but I insisted and I hate to say it but she was right. But the counter is still beautiful. The installers were great-even though they had to spend extra time cutting and levelling my cabinets until it was suitable-and they weren't grumpy about it. I appreciate that I can hardly see the seams in my white countertops. I had a great experience with this fabricator and I would highly recommend them.

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