Even though this company came into the project late they are finally finishing a project that was botched by another company. They have gotten more done in a short space of time than the other company. They stand behind their work and are in constant communication with us. They give prices, tell us the effects of doing things in the overall plan and are generally smart, well mannered and efficient.

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Was not aware of any new technology to speed up process or keep costs down. Did not come to site. Did not give an accurate budget and when asked for one over 8 months was ignored. When asked why costs were so much higher than in budget comment was..."If I had told you how much it was going to be we wouldn't have gotten the job". Could go on and on with incompetence, inaccuracies, excuses and false information (eg we were given management fees and found out that they were charging fees for things they shouldn't and had charged us for work that wasn't done) STAY AWAY. I'M NOT THE FIRST ONE WHO HAS HAD THIS HAPPEN WITH THIS COMPANY. I DIDN'T LEARN EARLY ENOUGH.

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