My mother and father recently went to purchase a fridge and stove in Smitty's appliance. My parents are Italian Canadian retirees and have sold their house in Toronto to live out their retirement in the country. Since they were trying to keep local they decided to give Smitty's a try. They really only needed a fridge but were willing to buy a fridge and stove so that they could match. No prices were on any of the items so my parents were curious to see if there was an opportunity for a deal he said "I can tell by your accents that you were going to be those kinds of people". He proceeded to berate my father and his heritage and said "if Leon's or Sears or The Brick goes down I will still be here in 40 years". It's also a small town where others have noticed his frugality extends to some terrible tipping in the neighborhood. This may be petty but you are fair game when you basically called my parents cheap when they were inquiring about pricing. FYI - Owner & Proprieter of Smitty's - I really hope that your practice at bigotry and rudeness prepare you for a really rough ride during these rough economic times when my parents were willing to spend money to be local. Furthermore - I will be more than happy to share this complaint to other ethnic communities in the neighborhood - my English is perfect and so is my understanding of whether racism will impact your business. Yours, Patricia

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