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I received quotes from the usual hardware suspects. Rona quote matched my needs and the price was not the lowest but fairly close. I decided to give them a shot. I sure regret that decision now. The sales person was in a rush to get the order finalized before they went on vacation. All three promised delivery dates were missed. The windows and doors were not shipped even thoug they were in stock at the store. Every time I phoned the store the person filling in for the person on vacation would pull the wrong quote/invoice. They thought I ordered 1 door and 3 windows when in fact it was 2 doors and 3 windows. I also special ordered the siding to match my house but they forgot to order it. This mistake would have added another 3 to 4 weeks which at this point I could not afford to do so I have to put on what they gave me. They kept blaming "the system" and said deliveries are out of our north store and we cant see their delivery schedule. The north store said we can't see the invoice because its at the south store, blah,blah,blah. When the doors and windows were finally shipped one of the doors was damaged and had to be sent back. I asked the sales guy to have the store manager call me so I can talk to them about their "system". Guess what? Its been over a week and I havent been called. Do not buy from Rona. There are many other choices in this market.

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Purchased the AC & furnace through Reliance at Costco. Pretty good price from what I can figure. Nolan and Aaron came out first thing the day the install was scheduled. They are both respectful, curtious, and skilled. We also arranged to have the HW tank replaced and they had the old equipment removed and all three pieces of the new equipment installed, tested, and demonstrated to us by 3:30 that afternoon. Lately we have had two horrible experiences with sales people over promising and failing to deliver as well as trades doing crappy work. The experience with reliance was definitely a refreshing change. I would recommend Reliance to anyone.

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We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us! –Cait