Do Not Use This Company! I phoned Ace to replace a hot water tank. It had been a number of years since I had had to replace a tank, and I was a bit shocked when told the price-- $1540.35, but I authorized the payment. The representative also tried to push a "Membership", but I declined. The warranty was for 6 years parts and labour.A week later my second tank started leaking, and I tried another plumbing company. The plumber came right out, and immediately smelled gas in the furnace room where my tanks are. He noticed that the bolt wasn't fastened properly on the first tank and tightened everything. He told me there could have been an explosion, so I was actually very grateful that my second tank failed so soon after the first. The charge for the second tank was $798 inclusive. The warranty-- 10 years-Tank, 6 years -Parts, 2 years-Labour. When I phoned the owner of Ace to complain about the price difference and the imperfectly installed first tank, he was extremely verbally abusive and defensive, and in an email insisted his warranty was better. I tried to explain to him that the major cost is in the tank, and so I thought the second plumbing company's warranty was better, but he did not respond. Basically the customer pays for 2 hot water tanks up front if they have Ace install one, you be the judge. I do not consider this a warranty. Dealing with Ace was a very bad experience, financially and emotionally. This is my first review about anything I have purchased, but I felt it was in the public interest to document my story.

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