Shank plumber on Aug 5 2015, in removing an old dishwasher and installing a new one: - said he wanted to put in a new plumbing connection under sink; couldn't give me an explanation of why he couldn't use current connection (through floor); I asked that he use the existing hookup. - said there was a problem that the old dishwasher wouldn't slide out under the counter. I looked and said I thought it would (and it did) - said I would likely need an electrician because plug wasn't likely long enough; turned out plug was long enough - broke off the drainage hose off from larger pipe in basement - said would need to replace the larger pipe or he wouldn't guarantee it - said the new dishwasher wouldn't go all the way in under the counter, that I would need to get counter rebuilt as it was sticking about an inch out in front. I looked and saw a screw (from the old one) still sticking down from under the counter - once he removed it, the new one went in all the way. When we tried turning on the new dishwasher - no water was coming in at all; so then he said he wanted to replace the main water valve into the house. But water was coming fine out of the kitchen sink tap, so I said no to the new water valve. He opened the bottom area again and clearly had forgotten to open the inlet valve or connection to the dishwasher. It was a 2 minute fix but he had wanted to replace the main valve to the house to fix the problem. To top it off, the job cost approximately double the estimate that I was quoted on the phone, and the time (1 1/2 hours was the same as the estimate). Update: I spoke with Neal at Shanks Plumbing about this installation and the related issues, and he was quite helpful. He was very interested in hearing my feedback, and said he would follow up with the installer about it. He also refunded half the cost of the installation, which seemed quite reasonable (and so reduced the cost from $340 to $180).

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