Brand insulation added wall insulation in my double-brick construction house about 6 months. I wanted to give a thorough account of how the product performs throughout the seasons so I waited before writing my review. Immediately we noticed how much quieter the house was. The noise suppression quality is amazing. In the summer the house retains cool air noticeably better. In the winter season the walls do not get nearly as cold, the entire house feels much more comfortable and air quality is better since the furnace isn't working as much drying out the air. The savings on heating and cooling costs are not huge but it's a nice bonus. Overall I'm extremely please with quality of work, I only wish we'd done this sooner. A must-have upgrade for anyone living in a double-brick house. weather

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Company Response

Hello Max,
We are very glad that our work made your home more comfortable and warmer.
Thank you very much for taking your time to review us and for your kind words
Best Regards,
Brand Insulation Inc


Vlad did an awesome job. He ripped old, wavy concrete paths around my property and installed beautiful patio stones. His guys worked quickly and efficiently and came back to correct any minor defects I wasn't happy with.

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