Showed up late with a truck half the size of the one they had quoted on. Only had two guys plus a homeless guy they picked up off the street that morning. (incidentaly he did most of the work). Scratched my floors. Had to leave my small piano upstairs for fear of what they were going to destroy next. Scratched my stairs by sliding box over them. Backed into my porch. Had to do 2 trips and didnt finish until midnight. Also, didnt put my furniture back together.

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Company Response

Fitkin Movers has absolutely no record of this move at all. We have checked all of our work orders for October, November and December and found nothing. If we had something, we would have acted on it by now. We would have given the customer a free move and paid for all the damages. That's the way we do business. I'm shocked that the "customer" didn't even bother to call the office to complain. I'm also shocked that they won't identify themselves. If you have doubts about a moving company at all, call the BBB, or ask the salesperson for references. STAY AWAY FROM HOMESTARS. Any company that would post a negative review and not tell us who did it, isn't worth dealing with. Any company that would post a negative review without having the author of that review contact the moving company first, is underhanded and not worth dealing with. Personally, I think this review was planted by one of our competitors. I would like the person who wrote it to contact me personally. I can be reached at 416-489-8588. Sincerely, Gary J. Fitkin