I emailed The Stone Contractors Group in the summer of 2018 about repairing the mortar joints on my flagstone porch, and then Carlo started the work (which has a 5 year warranty according to the attached contract) that fall. I emailed Carlo on April 4, 2023 to say a few stones have come completely loose and sent the attached pictures. He didn't reply so I got my son to call him on April 25, 2023. I sent him an email on that day to ask if he could please get back to me by email because I am deaf. Carlo emailed me on April 25 to say he will come by to inspect when the weather gets better. He didn't get back to me in a month so I sent him another email to get an update on May 26 and then again on June 19. Carlo replied on June 22 to say he will "send the worker for repairs on the next couple of weeks." On July 11, I sent Carlo a reminder because no one came for the repair. I did not get another email from Carlo. He later told my son the workers would come on the week of July 17 around 4:30-5:00 but no one came that whole week. My son has followed up with Carlo a number of times but Carlo refuses to set a date and keeps making excuses. It's clear Carlo does not want to do the work. He'll talk the talk but he won't stand behind his work. August 15/2023 Update: Carlo, the warranty has NOT expired and I think you know that (if you don't, just do the math). We signed the contract on Sept 5/2018. The warranty is for 5 years and is still valid as of today. I am asking you to honour your obligations and not for a freebie repair. I have been patient and your delays are unacceptable. A good contractor would have resolved the issue by now instead of making vague statements as to when the work will be done.

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Company Response

Frank , I'm very unhappy for your review , as you know upon you email me on April , I update you that is the main season starting after winter and upon I have openings I will send a team to do the minor repairs. Your warranty expired, on my good faith I have no issues doing your repairs , you just need to be patient. Plus my liability insurance is on the contract and they know that according with the contract and corporation responsibility that the warranty expired.
Because I build the corporation reputation on clients happiness and referrals, I will send a team to do your repairs upon the repair team have a opening.

I don't appreciate this review , I'm not even requesting for you to remove this review.
I'm different , your repairs will be done free of charge.

I'm trying to help you , free of charge , I understand that the warranty it's on , I just want to make everyone happy , I really don't want to send the liability insurance for inspection and start a claim , because at the end they will find out that it's issues with the existing structure concrete that was not done by this corporation , plus they will find out that it's being excessively a lot of salt ad on the stone over the winters.

Your words and appreciation on your kind of way it's not helping the situation.

After inspection and assessment on your project , was determined that your project on the stone work was damaged by excessive salt applied on stone and that your existing concrete base that was completed by other company it's not structural solid anymore , and because of the movements it's affecting and damaging the stone repairs.

As you know and according with the contract , this was a restoration project and the corporation never build the concrete base underneath.

Follow the contract and contact my liability insurance directly.

For the corporation , this matter it's close.

Appreciate if you stop making false statements