Extremely dissatisfied. Used this company for several years for repairs, and things were good. Last year decided to replace the machine as it is very old and needed repairs every year. They assured me the new machine would be great. Within the first few weeks after replacement the machine broke down, it would break down every 3-4 weeks and be down for 2 weeks every time they try to fix it. They would send a tech. and they would say the machine is working, but it is not cooling the store sufficiently. Less then one year after install it went down again the first hot day of this year. It has now been about a month since they looked at the machine and have not fixed it. I call them every three days, and they blame it on the manufacturer. This is horrible service for a long time customer. Once the warranty for the machine is up, I will never do business with this company again. Absolutely horrible service.

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Company Response

Hi William

We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our service.

Updated Response: Amana field tech support went to the jobsite, and he found out the problem is from wrong Air Handler Installation which was installed by other companies. Air handler was installed few months after we installed the AC unit. His AC labor warranty is void due to improper installation on Air handler.

1st, it is commercial AC Installation. The AC condenser is located in the underground parking lot.
We replaced the same capacity of AC that you had for 30 yrs, and we can't even upsize bigger tonnage AC because the wires and coppers are all undersized, and the coppers and wires are around 100ft long from ground floor to the underground parking lot, and we had discussed the possibility to replace New copper and wire for the bigger tonnage AC, and it was impossible to replace. And the indoor blower can not handler bigger tonnage AC either. The AC system+ blower fan coil was undersize for this store that have some hair dryers, curlers and dividers.

We had sent different team to your store for the servicing, and all of reports showed the AC cooling performance are good. We had supplier tech support involve, and the answer is the air conditioning cooling performance is good.

When you called for the AC service, we sent our tech at same day. and he found out the compressor stopped running. In order to confirm the compressor is failed, we have sent 3 different techs to the jobsite, and we were waiting manufacture to approve unit replacement instead of compressor replacement ,and we need to sent many testing data to our supplier for the unit replacement. However, supplier declined the unit replacement yesterday due to commercial installation. We booked appointment to replace the compressor in next week.

We are not delaying for our service. We always sent our tech same day or next day for all of service calls.

As you said, we had been serviced your equipment for several year, and you were happy with our service all the time.

You have a friend who is working for this supplier, we even asked you to consult this friend that" are we doing the right procedure, are we delaying your service?"