Carlos seems to charge a bit less than other people, but buyer beware. The work they do is really sub-par. Everything is loose and crocked. Really not even passable. They never show up when promised and then they avoid your phone calls for weeks. Just to add to that, they make a mess while working and never clean up after themselves. Honestly, they should be ashamed of their work. If you think of the word craftsmanship, they do the exact opposite. Sloppy, lazy and as cheap as possible. And I'm not a picky person. They also lack common sense (e.g. put locks on kids bedrooms but not on bathrooms. Then try to charge you to switch them). We moved in in November and we're still waiting for one of our doors. We have paid him the full amount and have called him 100 times (not exaggerating) and he won't answer. When my husband called from a different number, Carlos answered and then hung up on him.

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Traian did a fantastic job with our kitchen. He has great attention to detail and was great at solving problems that came up. He was able to customize a number of our cabinets to fit our space. He was quick, efficient and tidy. I wish all our contractors were as professional. Thanks Traian!

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Company Response

Hi Sharon, I hope all audio devices found their rightful place and Sam is settled in. Enjoy your cooking !


Overall, I received reasonable service from Ciot. The prices were good as my designer got an excellent discount. Unlike the experiences that others had, they were able to give me most of the samples I asked for. The problem I had was that a tile I had was not in stock and I feel they were dishonest with me about its estimated arrival. They made up a date 3 weeks away but had no basis for picking that date. When that day came and went the sales person would not give me a straight answer and stopped responding to emails and calls. When I called their distribution department they told me they have no idea when the tiles might arrive and they are coming from Italy. Unfortunately, this was a mosaic accent that i based my entire bathroom around and i had already installed thousands of dollars of tiles. Now I am looking for a replacement mosaic which I'm sure won't be as nice. If they had been honest upfront, i could have picked something else.

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