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We contracted Ironwood Decking to complete about 1000 square feet of IPE Hardwood Decking to our house. First the owner of the company Simar came out on a Sunday to give us a quote. We live in the far east end and he came from Nepean. We knew right away this is an owner who although wants to make a sale also cares greatly about providing excellent client service. His team created beautiful decks for us on time and on budget with Simar showing up each day to ensure the work was being done and we were satisfied clients. He also completed IPE Hardwood in our bedroom and also came out again on a Sunday. There was a small flaw in the hardwood staining. Without one complaint his team were out the next day to fix it. He never complained about the distance to come to our house even coming one night at 8 oclock after he had worked all day and about to leave on a trip out of the country. We still need hardwood for our entire main floor and will not hesitate calling Ironwood again for future projects. We highly recommend them.

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After a major home renovation where our contractor left us with thousands of $$ in unfinished work when he ultimately walked away from the job we hired Distinctive to complete the work. This seemed to be the logical choice as we had purchased all of our bathroom requirements from Distinctive and worked for a year with the bathroom designer to build our dream ensuite bathroom. The designer reassured us that Distinctive would complete our bathroom in a timely and professional manner. They were to start the bathroom June 13th, 2011. A job that was supposed to take 6 weeks or so is mostly complete almost 2 years later except for a tile that was supposed to be fixed a year ago and still not done. At the end of the project when we were very excited to finally use or bathroom and use the shower we realized that the plumber had not attached our shower valves correctly and our shower would not function. The owner of the company came out at this point to meet with us. He advised us that although his plumbers completed the work it was not them that attached the valves incorrectly therefore not his responsibility if we had water in the shower or not. Although it was one of his plumbers that actually attached all the plumbing fixtures he did not verify the work had been completed correctly. After much discussion the owner finally agreed that perhaps it was their responsibility to fix the problem which they did by opening up a closet wall to access the plumbing and patching the wall back up leaving it for us to repaint of course. This was just one of many issues we had with hem. Another issue was no shows - many times they would just not show and not let us know or show up at the wrong dates or times Although the workers were excellent the management is severely lacking. We spent over 40k for our dream bathroom every penny of this paid to Distinctive and the garbage they left is still in our driveway. It will be picked up by us this spring. They agreed to take it away for $300.00 - this after spending that much money. I asked the owner when he met with us exactly how much money do you need to spend on a bathroom with them to have them haul away their garbage left from the project. We were not difficult customers as our bathroom designer would agree I am sure. Susan was wonderful and did her best in the design and the workers were for the most very good. it is strictly management we have an issue with as they just don't seem to care about client service. While the bathroom was being done we met with a kitchen designer with he intention of redoing our kitchen. That was over 2 years ago and we have not heard one word back from her even after our meeting and leaving her with detailed descriptions of what we would like in a kitchen. We are about to now embark on the kitchen project but will be having this project done but not by Distinctive.

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Company Response

Hi Anne,
We are sorry your concerns have not been addressed prior to this. We were unaware of this forum until this week. We are sorry you felt someone here did not take care of your concerns.
There are many points I think we could clarify for you about this online review from the information I was able to gather from your file and the contract for the job.
When we quote jobs we are very specific and do the work quoted. Ex: We did not do any removal as the prior contractor did the removal and preparation = We did not quote for garbage disposal as it had not been requested or declined.
We make sure to quote everything competitively and accurately and do all work to the contract and to the customer’s satisfaction. We greatly understand that a company’s reputation depends on great work and accuracy.
Only one phone number on file worked but did not have any name in the answering machine. I have left you a message, I hope it will reach you. Please contact me to make sure we can fix any outstanding or warranty work for you.
Thank you
Dominic Manzo – 613-837-1796 ex 117