8.9 Rating Score? I have no idea how this company can get such a score. Sure Ricardo will be nice and fix your stuff but after you pay him for the work it is a different case. 6 months after the repair things start to go wrong, guess what, after 2 weeks of calling and chasing around and getting promised to be called back multiple times and even after we had established a date and time for you or one of your associates to come and do the repair guess what you NEVER SHOWED UP as promised. You claim it was repaired and gave no evidence of it, no time and date when you came to fix it and after numerous calls chasing you around to provide an answer and the only thing you can says is "Back off, I had done the repairs and I am busy". With your quality of service and your business practice how can anyone be willing to accept and believe you had completed the "repaired". You never showed up as discussed!!!! When you make empty promises about calling your client with an answer to see when things were repaired and you don't hold up your end of the promise it shows the type of business you are running! We wasted coutless time waiting for you and now show and no call back. If my life wasn't so busy I would take your pathetic company to small claims court. Never in my life have I meet a bad company. I don't even know how you stay in business. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND YOUR COMPANY TO ANYONE. NOR WILL I RECOMMEND ANYONE READING THIS TO EVEN CONSIDER DOING BUSINESS WITH RICARDO IN ANY OF HIS FUTURE BUSINESSES.

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