Called HomePro for a quote. They told me its about $130 for the quote but the electrician will perform the work immediately after furnishing the quote. We were in a rush to have the work completed so this was appealing to us. The electrician came and looked around. I asked him to confirm that he would be completing the work that day and he let me know that he had no intention of doing so, that he didn't bring the required parts and that he wouldn't even have the quote to me that day. Days later, I received a quote for more than double the competition's estimate. When I called HomePro to complain they let me know that they were not going to do anything about it and they would not refund the cost of the ridiculous estimate they furnished. HomePro will charge you for the quote up front this begins the weird part of their business model. If the job isn't super easy they give you an insane estimate because they don't want to actually do the work, they just want to charge you for a ridiculous estimate. We had another company do the work for less than half of what HomePro quoted us. Do not let these people into your house.

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