Quality of job was as expected; there was a month of delay above from scheduled timeframe likely due to the current state of global trade; as a minor comment it would be great to have every contractor to clean the work area in full but that may as come unrealistic wish as I did not see yet a single company which had that in their agenda, so some mess still needs to be cleaned after; second minor recommendation to owner - Ross to make reminders as to overall communication, and inspire his team be more verbose on providing suggested ongoing maintenance; Amar brand looks as a great choice while their glass windows I chose might not be ideal for our area as they create a condensate inside the glass with excessive moisture during frosty days; they should had them done with plastic as it has way better insulation compared to glass. Overall whishing the company keeping their standards high Thanks

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I had no rush of replacing my older tank, and I had the company estimator - Dean visited my home for the options discussion. On the agreed day of installation (they had 3 days ahead - no rush indeed), the installer after unpacking the new tank informed me that it cannot be installed. Apparently Dean had no knowledge of what is the tank supposed to have as requirements. While my old tank was dismounted, and I had expectation to have hot water for that day, the company put me in a dire straits condition when I had no point of return (sure they mentioned to put back my older one – which was not quite an option). They could only give me a regular tank, while I, as it was discussed with Dean, wanted Energy Start, any of those which are high efficiency eligible for Fortis rebate. Dean assured me that the chosen on his discretion brand - John Wood, and the model suites my needs, as it, as he thought, did not require electric plug, and was within Fortis eligibility criteria. Swirl failed to show the professional estimation, put me in the condition of the option I did not consider from the beginning. While I had no much to comment on the actual installer work - he did what he could, I am very dissatisfied. Swirl showed lack of expertise in their own field, lack of professional leadership which all leads to bad customer care. I was not given desired options. Both the estimator, and the installed did not tell me the truth saying that ALL High Efficiency Gas Water Tanks require electric plug. That was nonsense as I found at least one model from Bradford White M-4-40T6FBN which is High Efficient and requires no external electricity. Swirl dumped on me the cheap, noise inefficient model taking advantage of me pressed in time, not even suspecting that I could be mislead trusting them as if they were professionals. I short: not professional, not flexible, not optimal price-wise. And the last, which is not the least, the model I was left with - JW840S38ES is at least twice as noisy compared to my older than 15 years tank. The burner, when it heats sounds like a jet plane turbine, literally shaking walls, while my older one from Rheem was almost silent. Very, very unhappy customer. I strongly advise not to deal with Swirl to anyone.

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Company Response

Hi Mike
Thank you for taking the time to inform me of this situation.
I will take this up with all involved and get back to you ASAP.
I will do my best to make this right for you.
Elke McCarthey
Office Manager