Some of their appraisers do not even know what they are doing. Stay away! Unfair and unjust appraisal can affect a family's life dramatically. The guy was standing in front of the electric panel, looking at it and asking me where the electric panel is. Same thing about AC. Trying to find only the defects by actually getting so close to the floor that almost his face touching the floor to find defects. Same thing with the garden in the backyard. I have the actual property's survey, and yet he wanted to measure the property like if I could fake that survey anyways! Not happy with them at all. Spending $367.25 on appraisal for the hope of refinance is something that not many of us can afford nowa these days. It was a waste for us spending on his appraisal, because we must bring someone else to undo the damage he has done for us.

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